Train Wreck!

I am a huge fan of gastropubs and small breweries.  When taking a break from Top Notch microbrews and delish food is usually a common choice.  So when we saw that a distillery was opening up locally we were intrigued.  Their limited schedule (Fri & Sat 5-9) made it tricky with my Boutique schedule but this week we made it!!!

I love when someone has a great concept and carries it throughout their business. Train Wreck in Mt. Holly is literally in an old train station!! How freaking cute is that!?  Their building is very cool, and even though it is small it fits comfortably in its space as if it was always suppose to be a distillery.  
Steph (she who is dragged to most food and beer adventures) and I could not wait to check out what they had to offer. We were barely inside the door before we were offered a tour which we gladly accepted … I stood there smiling and nodding my head as if what she was saying didn’t totally sound like Chinese and that I wasn’t thinking about how cute the girls hair looked with the side shaved. Am I too old to pull that off or would purple and a shaved head be an over kill! :P  Honestly it was dumbed down so that those of us non distillery experts could at least get the general concept of how the process works. Not being a connoisseur of fine liquor and after years of bartending my straight shot days are over so I wasn’t uber excited about the samples and did the “mmmmmmm good” thing while I tried to control my face, which those of you that know me or follow me online know that I am terrible at! LOL Was offered Gin, which I said I don’t like because it smells like pine trees. Which after a “ours is different” dialogue I tried… yep, still tastes like pine trees!
The equipment looks like beautiful works of art and you can tell that thought and love went into it and what it creates which is very endearing.   
Now to the bar!!!  We picked a seat at the bar which we usually do when they are available, barely picked up the menu before I was asked if I would be paying cash or card.  My card was taken and a tab was opened before I had even picked up the bar menu. Was a really weird intro. Took away from the laid back historic atmosphere with the all business how are you paying introduction.   There menu was very cool though with many crafted drink options… I chose Chipotle Pineapple which was crazy train vodka, mint, pineapple juice, jalapeno & lime. Tasted just like jalapeno and would have been awesome with Nachos but no go. They don’t serve food, is it tacky to walk in with your own supreme bar nachos?? We did go with a group so I got to sample all of their drinks too which got me through several items on the menu. Each were very good.  
Over all we really liked it. It’s like a hidden secret spot, where you can go and grab a tasty drink, listen to the live music and just chill out. I really love any small business that thinks outside the box and leaps into their venture.  Train Wreck is not a train wreck… We’ll be back!!


  1. First of all I totally think you can pull off half shaved & purple, besides it grows back. This place sounds great, thank you for sharing. I live the way you write this, it's like we are sitting having coffee together just bs'ing. I would read blog posts like this regularly.

    1. thank you!! I try and write how I speak so I am glad it feels like that! I'm excited about writing more posts!

  2. I'm not to far from there... definetly gonna check it out...

  3. Sounds like a fun place. Love that they converted an old train station rather than building new. Looking forward to lots of fun blogs by Notch!

  4. When I make a trip out that way this looks like a place to check out!

  5. Sounds very cool. Too bad Mount Holly is a million miles away!!


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