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Train Wreck!

I am a huge fan of gastropubs and small breweries.  When taking a break from Top Notch microbrews and delish food is usually a common choice.  So when we saw that a distillery was opening up locally we were intrigued.  Their limited schedule (Fri & Sat 5-9) made it tricky with my Boutique schedule but this week we made it!!!
I love when someone has a great concept and carries it throughout their business. Train Wreck in Mt. Holly is literally in an old train station!! How freaking cute is that!?  Their building is very cool, and even though it is small it fits comfortably in its space as if it was always suppose to be a distillery.   Steph (she who is dragged to most food and beer adventures) and I could not wait to check out what they had to offer. We were barely inside the door before we were offered a tour which we gladly accepted … I stood there smiling and nodding my head as if what she was saying didn’t totally sound like Chinese and that I wasn’t thinking about how cute the…

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