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From Pool to Panic in 20 minutes!

Since my Mom moved back to rebuild her life in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria I have made it a priority to fit visits in a few times a year.  My main objective is to make sure she is ok, to help improve things in the house, and to make sure we both take a relaxing break at some point during the trip. This trip I kidnapped her for the night and we stayed at a resort right down the road.  We ate, relaxed by the pool, & Mom caught up on some much needed sleep. While there we started to get alerts and messages about the incoming tropical storm projected to hit the island on Sunday.  We decided to head over to Sam's Club and grab a few cases of water just in case...welllll...  the entire town, in a panic, also decided to grab a few cases of water just in case.  This is the reality here. Those that survived Hurricane Maria know what it is like to be without drinkable water.  They know that it could be days, weeks, or even months before they have the basic essentials if a storm/h…

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